Biome Store Supplements eCommerce Website delivery mockup 2

Introducing the Biome Store, a streamlined and efficient eCommerce website specializing in premium supplements tailored to the health and wellness needs of its customers. This platform was expertly developed using modern web technologies and industry best practices to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Built on WordPress as the content management system (CMS), the website leverages WooCommerce for its eCommerce functionality and Elementor for creating visually appealing, responsive layouts. We integrated multiple payment options, including Klarna, PayPal, and credit cards, to simplify the checkout process and accommodate customer preferences.

To ensure seamless order processing and timely product delivery, we configured shipping settings by establishing rates, zones, and carriers for various customer locations. Upholding a secure and legally compliant online environment, we created essential legal pages such as terms and conditions, privacy policy, and cookie policy, and implemented GDPR compliance measures, including obtaining user consent for data collection and processing.